Emcee & Host


Noelle Beck is a passionate spiritual entrepreneur within the city of Akron. She founded First Glance in 2000 to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of teenagers in Kenmore. In 2017, Noelle established Akron on Purpose where she helps others unlock the fullness of relationship we can have with God and hosts a yearly conference rallying, encouraging and highlighting the amazing women of Akron!


Noelle’s adventures take place in the Kenmore community of Akron where she resides with her amazing husband of 20 years, along with any housemates they pick up along the way. She has the distinct pleasure of being Enoch, Trinity and Gio’s mom. She loves frothy coffee, Jeeps with no doors, and biking adventures.

Her life goals include biking across America, wearing Converse until she’s 80, and taking over Akron with the truth and love of Jesus!


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Prayer Team Leader


Erica Howard has said Yes to the Lord and tries to keep her vision in the focus of eternity. Shortly after the birth of her daughter Nyah (which means purpose) one night in prayer she heard the Lord say “GO GET MY DAUGHTERS” and from that moment she said yes to the call of rescuing His daughters  out of darkness, shame, guilt, and into their purpose . She has seen the Lord redeem and use every place of brokenness in her life In setting others free. 


She is witty and loves to laugh. She loves music - all music. And is quick to break out in a random dance. She still holds on to her childhood dream of being a back up dancer for Janet Jackson. Her seven year old describes her as nice, kind, encouraging, powerful and AWESOME!! Her favorite place to be is anywhere her husband, Chris and her daughters are .


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Worship Leader


Jennifer is a member of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio, where she serves in the area of pastoral care, worship, and administration.  As a licensed and ordained minister, she leads the worship services, preaches the word, teaches Bible Study and conducts worship and music workshops for the members of Mount Calvary Baptist Church and the community. 


Jennifer served 10 years as the Choral Master for the Annual Gospel Meets Symphony Chorus (a community of 200 gospel singers and musicians that join with the Akron Symphony Orchestra to perform annually at the E. J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall).  She’s also supervises in the area of the prevention at Minority Behavioral Health Group. 


Jennifer, affectionately known as “JJ”, is the proud mother of two wonderful and musically talented children, Joshua and Jazmin.  She is a born again Christian woman who is sanctified and anointed to sing and teach God’s praises.


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